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Are Social Media Updates Really New

Are Social Media Updates Really New
J. Mark Lowe

Thousands of folks send tweets and daily updates are posted on Social Media. This phenomenon is really nothing new. Daily activities of citizens were once covered in the daily and weekly newspapers. Consider these musings from the 1917 Nashville [TN] Banner.
Miss Lucy Mae Harned was the hostess at an April Fool party Saturday evening given to compliment her guest. Miss Vesta Lockart of Pembroke, Ky. Besides the honor guest those present were as follows: Misses Loi Hornberger, Elizabeth Barnes, Ethel Gower, Verda Smith, Mattie Pollock, Vera Todd, Josephine White, Ruth Davis, Maggie Farmer, Annie Clay Ogg, and Dorothy Gower. Messrs. Weldon Alley, Wilber Smotherman, Arthur Watson, Bee Lockart, Stanley Gower, A.F. Tilley, Jr., Dewey Morris, Leslie Gower and James Byrd.
Mrs. Thomas Sory entertained Monday evening in honor of Mrs. Emmett Winters, who went to Burgettstown, Pa., this week to reside. Misses Bertha Bourne and Margie Halliburton of near Port Royal were in Nashville this week.
Mrs. Jerry Porter has returned from visiting near Cedar Hill.
Mrs. Wilbert Winsey has returned to Nashville after visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Edwards. Mrs. Hiram Poole was in Springfield this week.
Mrs. Jerry Porter spent the weekend with her aunt, Mrs. J. M. Abshire at Guthrie, Ky.
Misses Florence and Annie May Whitehead visited Mrs. Jeff Rainey en route from Springfield to their home at Turnersville. Miss Verda Smith was in Clarksville this week. Mrs. F. C. Porter visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Robertson at Cedar Hill.
Mrs. George Smith and Miss Nora White were in Springfield. Mr. and Mrs. Polk Ewing, Miss Maude Ewing, and Miss Mary Hallam of near Hampton Station visited Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Woodruff and Mrs. Leecie Mallory near Adams this week. Miss Mary Lou Gower spent the weekend with Miss Martha Elliott at her home near Sadlersville.
Mrs. E.W. Robertson was in Cedar Hill. Misses Ethel and Dorothy Gower of near Sadlersville spent the weekend with their sister, Mrs. Geo. Smith. Miss Mary Johnson of near Stroudsville was the guest of Mrs. Jeff Rainey. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Winters left Wednesday for Burgettstown, Pa., where they will reside.
Miss Vesta Lockert of Pembroke, Ky. has returned home after visiting Miss Lucy May Harned. Mrs. R.H. Randolph is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Cheatham Dozier, at her home near Springfield.
Mrs. G.F. Deerington was in Springfield this week. Mr. and Mrs. C.D. McQuary and son, Charles, of Hopkinsville, Ky. are spending the weekend with Mrs. McQuary’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Alsbrook. Mrs. Carie Whitfield of St. Bethlehem is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Gaines near Port Royal.
Mrs. Frances Elrod of Louisville, Ky is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Alsbrook. Miss Grace Watson visited in Cedar Hill this week.
Rev and Mrs. E.M. Bryant have announced the engagement and approaching marriage April 11 of their sister, Miss Vera Hicks and Mr. Edward Ray of Normandy. Mrs Joseph Kemper will be hostess of the Springfield Music Club Wednesday.
Mesdames Nannie Johnson of Cross Plains and Julinia Barefield of Barren Plains are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Randolph.
Miss Maude Norrod spent the weekend in Memphis. Mrs. John E. Garner and Miss Elizabeth Garner were in Nashville Thursday. Miss Rosa Lou Bell has returned from a visit to Miss Annie Lee Gupton in Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. James Smith , Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Smith, and Mrs. Hayes of Clarksville motored over Monday and were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Bell en route to Nashville.
Miss Rebecca Bell has returned from a trip to Miami and St. Petersburg, Fla. and a visit to friends at Rome, Ga. Misses Fannie and Hardin Walton of Cross Plains who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Simmons have returned to Belmont College, Nashville. Mrs. Ione Lewis Hassel and Miss Martha Hassell have returned from a visit to Nashville.
Mesdames Frank Hollins, Jordan S. Brown, and Jesse E. Peck motored over to Adairville Tuesday. Mrs. James A. Long was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Mamie D. Long at Ward. Miss Leland Smith spent the weekend with Miss Kate Elam in Nashville. Miss Lellie Bell will spend the weekend with Miss Dorothy Tucker in Nashville. Miss Grace Woodard of Martin College, Pulaski and Frederick Woodard of Helena, Ark., were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Woodard. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Clinard and Miss Mary Lynn Clinard have returned from a several months stay in St. Petersburg, Fla. and other Southern points.
Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Webb of Nashville have returned. Misses Helen and Leota Tucker have returned from a visit to Nashville. Miss Margaret Lewis of Gallatin is the guest of Miss Elizabeth Clinard. Mrs Lula Williams, Misses Maude Nored, Josephine Allensworth, Mary Matthews, Nora McClelland, Sue Taylor were in Nashville this week attending the Educational meeting.
Hon. and Mrs. Charles H. Love have returned from a visit to Nashville. Mrs. James O. Draughon, after spending two years in Colorado and Arizona in search of health, will return home next week.
Miss Maude Nored has returned from a visit to relatives in Paris. Mrs. Herman Todd and children of Murfreesboro are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Fuqua.
Miss Julia Simmons, who is attending school in Atlanta, is spending the Easter holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Simmons. Mrs. Boss Jackson and Miss Margaret Jackson of Cedar Hill have returned. Source: Nashville Banner, 17 April 1917.
PHOTO: The W.H. Simmons House, Springfield, TN; Miss Julia Simmons, who is attending school in Atlanta, is spending the Easter holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Simmons.

We can use these musings to learn more about our families. Finding the local newspaper or even reports from larger city reports may be useful. Find some 'old' news and keep the story alive.

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Thinking About Aunt Grace

Photograph of Grace Meisel Martin and William Lanis Martin - taken in the early 1940s.

Thinking About Aunt Grace
J. Mark Lowe

In anticipation of the release of the 1940 census (, I have been thinking about lots of family members that I would like to review. My parents were not yet married in 1940, so they will still be living at home with their parents. My Dad graduated from College High in 1940, but we will save that story for another day. However, since my Dad was one of the oldest grandchildren of James W. and Clara Martin, his Uncle and Aunts spoiled him tremendously. Even after my Dad moved the family from Kentucky to Middle Tennessee, the family would often surprise us at home with the whole wonderful entourage. What wonderful memories I have.
My Mom and Dad both loved so many of those folks, and encouraged us to know all of our family. One of those Great Aunts was Grace Meisel Martin. She was married to my Dad’s Uncle Lan. His full name was William Lanis Martin and he was named for one of his Uncles. Lan and Grace farmed in the Oakland community of Warren County.
Grace Meisel was born the 12th of August 1909[1]. My Dad (J.W.) was born at the end of August and they always celebrated their birthdays together when possible. She was the oldest daughter of Edward Amel and Nora Ellis Vincent Meisel.[2] They lived in the Bee Springs Community of Edmonson County, Kentucky. Aunt Grace loved her siblings. Her sister, Anna, was often included in Martin family gatherings and she was a wonderful storyteller and great teacher. Her baby brother, Charles, was always funny and a great Christian gentleman. He continued to brighten our Martin Reunions with his laughter, stories and warmth until his passing.
Edward Amel Meisel was also born in Edmonson County, Kentucky.[3] His father, Maximillian A. Meisel was born 1850 in Baden,Germany and migrated to the United States about 1871.[4] Max married Anna E. Couran , 1 Jan 1874 in Boston[5], and the family lived near Boston until 1879 when they moved to Edmonson County, Kentucky.[6] Edward was naturalized in the Federal Court in Boston, Massachusetts on 13 November 1877.[4] The three oldest children of Max and Anna were born in Boston: Augustus Maximillian, Charles Paulus, and Isadora.[7] Their younger children, including Edward A., were born in Edmonson County.[2]
For years, I loved visiting with Aunt Grace. She would always tell me that she grew up in Bee Springs. I still remember the day, my folks drove across the ferry and we visited Bee Springs. Grace Meisel Martin was a lively character, who loved people with all her soul. Our visits to her home after Uncle Lan passed often lasted for hours, with Aunt Grace insisting that we stay long enough to eat. We often left her house with magazines, books or other valued objects – all with a connected story.
After my Dad passed in 1989, I often visited Aunt Grace with my mother, Chris. My Mom told me how Aunt Grace and Uncle Lan had welcomed her into the family. They would often go visit for the weekend when they were young newlyweds. This relationship lasted a lifetime. You could always be assured of a bear hug with Aunt Grace.
On one visit after my Dad passed, Aunt Grace encouraged my Mom to stay busy. She said, “Chris, hon, Nothing can fill that hole that J.W. left, but your heart is big enough to fill with more love. Visit those grandchildren, keep working, and travel.” My Mom certainly heeded the words of Aunt Grace . On that particular day, there was a gift of ‘clean’ romance novels, a bundle of Bible Pathway readers, a few magazines, and a selection from the Avon Bottles. I guess I forgot to mention that Aunt Grace collected Avon bottles. She had them lined up on shelves installed across windows, so the light could glow through them. I selected Pontiac, which still stands on the shelf above by the window. Aunt Grace passed from this life in 1992, but her memory is still strong in our hearts. Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren discuss her often and she carry some of her same traits: loving, great storytellers, giving, always funny and great cooks. Thanks Aunt Grace for sharing yourself.
[Aunt Grace has a great-grandson named Max.] Here's just a small part of her family recently.

Keep the Story Alive.

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