Friday, July 4, 2008

Salt Lake Institute (SLIG 2009)

The 14th annual Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) will be held in Salt Lake City. The dates are January 12-16, 2009. The ten courses offered for 2009 are: American Research and Records, Research in the Gulf South, English Research, Research in German Speaking Areas, Colonial American Research, Effective Use of the Internet, Hispanic Research, Beyond the Library, Skillbuilding for Professional Level Research, and Problem Solving.

To learn more about the Institute or for registration information, visit the UGA website ( and read short descriptions of the ten courses.

I will be coordinating Course 2: Research in the Gulf South course. Come enjoy a glass of sweet tea as we discover the wonderful records of the Gulf South. Discover the wonderful letters, diaries, family histories and documents that tell the story of Southern families. Unearth the value of unique records created about our ancestors that are likely to hold hidden treasure for the persistent researcher. Learn how and where to find these gems to advance your research. Uncover the historic trails that lead early settlers into and across this expansive territory. Get specific clues that might help you solve difficult research questions.

Topics covered during the week and instructors:

Early Southern settlement and migration (J. Mark Lowe)
Strategies for Southern Research (J. Mark Lowe)
Territorial and Federal Records (John P. Colletta)
Agriculture and Commerce (J. Mark Lowe)
Unique Southern Military Records (J. Mark Lowe)
Noisy Neighbors: Local and State Court Records (J. Mark Lowe)
Wills, Estates and Guardianships (Cath Trindle)
Windows to the Past: Newspaper Research (Elissa Powell)
Secondary Sources for the Gulf South (Kory Meyerink)
Southern Tracks and Railroad Records (Paula Stuart-Warren)
WPA Records (Paula Stuart-Warren)
FHL Southern States Collection (Mary Hill)
Southern Church Records (J. Mark Lowe)
Land Claims and Deeds (Cath Trindle)
Close Up: Georgia, Florida, Alabama & Mississippi (J. Mark Lowe)
Close Up: Arkansas, Louisiana & Texas (J .Mark Lowe)
Federal Claims (J. Mark Lowe)
Maps, Atlases and Gazeteers (Cath Trindle)
Listening on the Yazoo, a case study (John P. Colletta)
Big Hoops and Cowboy Boots: Finding Women in Records (Elissa Powell)

It is a great week of learning and fellowship. With the Family History Library only doors away, the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy provides a week you will want to put on your calendar.

See you there!


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