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Meeting Potential Family Members

Meeting Potential Family Members
J. Mark Lowe

I headed to Adams,Tennessee today to have lunch with my brother, and his sons. It is always a pleasure to visit with them and learn what they have been up to lately.  As I pulled into the driveway, I saw the older nephew leaned against the truck on his cell phone.  He is a busy man, who is a full-time farmer, or should I say 24-hour-a-day farmer.  He was taking this free moment to check on some equipment parts he ordered last week.  While he finished the call, my brother and other son walked out to the truck. 
We headed into Moss's Restaurant for lunch and were greeted by many of the folks around also there for lunch. We all ordered and I included corn-on-the-cob, which was raised by the younger nephew sitting at our table.  Since we are needing rain, the discussion of gathering all of the sweet corn orders today, and discussing the next round. In fact, one of the reasons I was there was to pick up the corn order of our sister-in-law. We were joined by the local Fire Chief, two EMTs from the County Ambulance Service, and a young man who works for the local water department. 
As usual, we had an outstanding meal, including the great sweet white corn raised by my nephew. We had a discussion of the weather and what we might expect over the next month. August is always an interesting month, and the typical heat of Summer brings on the "Dog Days of August."  Visiting in Adams is always a pleasant occasion, as I get to see many folks who have been friends for many years, including some who were friends of my siblings even longer. 
After finishing my meal, and enjoying my caramel pie, we headed outside.  Our first perch was near the porch, where the discussion continued for a few moments, then we headed to the second perch, which was the truck where we all started.  Some unknown gentlemen to me came out of the restaurant and walked near our perch.  My brother and nephew spoke to them and walked nearer to talk with these gentlemen.  As they spoke, I noticed my brother point in my direction, and then motioned for me to come near. 
Walking over to this discussion, my brother continued to tell them that I was a Genealogist.  One of the gentlemen explained that he was married to a Lowe.  I asked him from where did she grow up, and he replied Knox County, Kentucky.  Now my joking side came out, even when I had not officially met this gentlemen - So you really married a girl from Barbourville?  He said what do you know about Barbourville and Knox County - to which I shared that I had been there many times and visited often.  He then asked me if I knew if we were related to any Lowes from that area. 
This is a very common occurrence when a group of genealogists gather or Southerners try to connect families.  I told him I was familiar with some families who were connected to Bird Lowe, who lived in West Virginia.  That sounded familiar to him.  We eventually agreed to share information, so I could compare my family to hers. 
I'm proud to say that he is our new Superintendent of Schools for this County, and came here from Scott County, Kentucky. [Georgetown]  It amazes me how often my normal days become Genealogy Days, when I am with my Family.  It is usual for folks to ask me questions about their family or local history events.  Today, I will note that I ate great white sweet corn and caramel pie, met a potential family member [by marriage] and enjoyed the company of my brother, nephews and a few friends.  A great time was had by all. 

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