Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Reviewing Old Files and Notes

I have been researching since I was seven years old, so I have collected 55 years of papers and notes.  I'm trying to handle those notes only  _one more time!  It is my attempt to add the data from that note to my Family Files/Database and be sure to include the proper source.  I am also including a digital copy of that data in the file, so that these individual notes can be discarded.

My efforts include an attempt to ARRANGE the notes in a useful format (i.e. surnames, chronological, or locations); CONFIRM the data in the note or reference.  This sometimes includes pulling the actual document, rather than an index entry.  I also include a full citation of the source of the information.  DIGITIZE the note, documents or at least provide an extraction of the important data.
Rather than reference an Index Entry to Kentucky Death Records, I consulted the copy of the actual Death Certificate. Reviewing this information and adding this source to my Family Files, encourages the inclusion of complete, accurate information.

Review this YouTube Discussion Here: https://youtu.be/LU7-0GV0E2M

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