Saturday, August 18, 2007

Searching for Water

This summer has been exceptional for the weather we have experienced. Heavy rains in the southwest, while remaining hot and dry in the southeast. Many crops are damaged and the leaves of trees are falling off early.
As my Mom and I were driving to the FGS Conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana this week, we passed a gaggle of geese trying to cross the road. My Mom commented, "They are probably trying to find some water."
Her statement reminded me of one of the major reasons our ancestors might have uprooted the family -- the need for clean, running water. Imagine moving your family across the frontier and finding a lack of water. Consider the following questions: Could the land produce enough to support the family? Were the weather conditions conducive to quality life for the family?
I have always believed that solving a difficult family history problem starts with asking the right question. After this summer, I will add a new question to my list... "Where's the water?" This may help you solve some of your brick-wall problems as well.
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