Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting Back Into the Swing

I have not posted to this blog since August. After that wonderful trip to Ft. Wayne to the FGS Conference, I learned a few new things about life. My Mom entered the hospital for tests and developed pneumonia and complications over a 5-1/2 week hospitalization. She passed away at the end of September.

I wrote these words the night of her passing:

Today (Sat Sep 29) at about 4:00 pm our Mom - Mama Chris - the Cookie Lady - Christine P. Lowe - went on for her reward. Her passing from this life was gentle. We were all there and saw her at peace. Our Mom was a very special person - she was larger than life - she would never have wanted to be less than herself or lose her ability to give so much joy - peace - love - encouragement to all of those around her. She always reminded me what a wonderful life she had been given - seeing all of the beautiful country and meeting so many wonderful people. Your concern and prayers have been what added joy to Mom's final days here. We now see that God knew that WE needed six weeks to prepare for this moment. I know that I have a big hole in my heart right now, but I can't thank you enough for the prayers, cards, e-mails, hugs, and concern that you have shown all of us in this time. May God continue to bless you richly as he has me and my family.

Thanks Mom for making my life so wonderful. Remembering the stories my Mom shared is one of the reasons I try to keep all of the stories alive. Thanks for reading along.

Keeping the story alive - Mark

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