Friday, January 1, 2021

Remembering a First Memory!


My first cognizant memory was the New Years' Eve when I was two-years-old.  I'm not sure why I remember it was that date, but know that the memory has always been my memory - not an event that my siblings or parents told.  Both my Mom and Dad confirmed the memory over the years, but the clue was the fact that I had the croup that year. We were living in a house owned by Dr. Robert Elder, that was very near the feed mill owned by my parents.  In fact, this lot adjoined the feed mill lot.  [Important for a genealogist, who always tries to put the whole story together. 

I was feeling better in the evening, and was lying on the couch wrapped up.  Soon, people in the neighborhood (town of Cedar Hill)  were shooting fireworks in celebration of the coming New Year.  I'm sure that my brothers had a few firecrackers and maybe a few rockets of their own to propel in the stars. 

I remember Dad picking me up off of the couch, and wrapped me in a soft, orange plaid blanket with satin wrapped bound edges.  He carried me outside to see the fireworks.  I remember the laughter of my siblings, the noise of firecrackers, the oohs when a colorful rocket exploded in the air, and the brilliant colors. As the fireworks continued, I remember seeing the bright light reflecting on my Dad's face.  I was warm, secure and protected.  There were other people around watching these fireworks outside, but, mostly, I remember seeing the faces of my family.  

My older brothers always enjoyed shooting fireworks.  This pattern  continued into adulthood. Other than this strange year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have gathered in the Summer to enjoy fireworks at my brother - Denny's house.   As a fireman, he always ensured that the fireworks were handled safely, always made with proper precautions, and available equipment.  As the younger nieces and nephews grew, they were allowed to participate in the family tradition.

I think that the reason this memory remains so vivid in my mind, is that it includes the faces of my family. My family has always provided a warm, secure place to grow, be loved, and be encouraged.  It has been a long time, but FAMILY ALWAYS COUNT!  I understand that not all of us have been blessed to grow in an family like this.  I wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR that brings you joy, love and happiness in your life.   

I look forward to sharing more of my memories with you in the coming days.  Memories shared are part of Keeping The Story Alive!        J. Mark Lowe


Maddie said...

What a great memory.

Maddie said...

What a great memory.

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